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3 Things That Cause Self-Doubt and 3 Things That Reverse It

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Negative self-talk is what happens when you allow insecurities and fears to win over your mind. Sure, everyone has moments of insecurity, but those moments have to be managed and their associated emotions regulated to ensure that you don’t believe the harshness of those insecurities.Negative self-talk causes self-doubt by:Perfectionism seems to be a trait for the most assured of their work, but in reality, it’s a mark of self-doubt and will only worsen that lack of confidence over time.

To achieve your goals, you basically wind up needing to meet impossible standards. Studies show that this is a poor way to set goals, as it can become overwhelming and disappointing quickly.Worse still, self-doubt feeds more perfectionism.

Due to the lack of confidence, you feel that you have no choice but to compensate by proving to yourself and to everyone else that you can exceed ridiculous expectations.

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