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3 Self – Administrated Tests For Autism In Adults Available Online

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If you are an adult, you can live with autism symptoms for years without knowing you have it because they can sometimes be very mild and difficult to be recognized.

They can differentiate from those of children, so in this article, we will discuss the symptoms of autism in adulthood, how it is diagnosed in adulthood and when the first signs of autism appear.  What Are The 3 Main Characteristics Of Autism In Adults? Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability and one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders that can be caused by many factors, but one of the causes that are mostly known is the genetic one. (1) The 3 main characteristics of autism in adults are:  Restricted interests Repetitive and restrictive behavior  Problems with social communication However, there are some other characteristics that can be quite common in people with ASD (autism spectrum disorders) and include:  They tend to take things literally, which can cause difficulties in communication They have problems with making new friends and keeping them They feel often confused or misunderstood because they do not understand social rules or body language Have unusual emotional expressions and reactions They have a great variety of abilities Their speaking is robotic, monotonous and they use a flat voice that doesn’t reflect their emotions and feelings They always speak just about one or two topics of interests They have superior ability in just one subject, for example, mathematics or some other discipline They feel discomfort during eye contact These people can be supported to make new strategies and develop skills through social skills support and licensed psychologists with counseling and psychological therapy to better understand

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