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25 Self-Help Books You (Probably) Haven’t Read

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. These books will show you how.Picture a world where an invisible Destroyer is collapsing the global economy, where factories and railroads are closing, cities are emptying and bands of dangerous gangs roam the countryside.Now, imagine you’re the book’s heroine, Dagny Taggart, the world’s best hope against the descending dark age, where productive members of society are drained by leeches who control the levers of government and law.Ayn Rand’s book is full of extreme caricatures and was written as a cautionary tale about communism, but when you’re facing your own incredible odds, invoking Taggart’s indomitable stubbornness will carry you through your own dark ages.Any grade schooler knows the Trojan Horse story, but fewer know the sequel: the beleaguered journey home of the Greek soldier, Odysseus.

A trip that should take weeks drags out to 10 years as he’s held captive by a magical nymph, shipwrecked and engaged in battle with a giant cyclops.

When most of his friends are turned into pigs, you can’t help but feel bad for the guy.He returns home to find that nobody recognizes him and that a throng of suitors are moving in on his estranged wife.

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