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20 Calming Affirmations We Should All Tell Ourselves More Often

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Let’s cut to the chase today. What you ultimately do comes out of who you believe you are. You have to practice believing in yourself and ignoring the naysayers.

Because while you may not be able to control the impolite and unfair things some people say and do, you can press forward and decide not to be endlessly derailed by them.Of course I know that’s much easier said than done, but you must remind yourself that it can be done!How?Start by leveraging the right daily affirmations.

After all, it’s not what others say about you, and it’s not what you broadcast to everyone else that determines the trajectory of your life. It’s what you whisper to yourself behind closed doors that has the greatest power and influence.A good friend of mine, who graduated with honors from Cal Berkley several years ago, is now the co-founder and CEO of a successful start-up in Silicon Valley.

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