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2 Sentences That’ll Help You Close 6 and 7-Figure Deals

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If you’ve never closed a six or seven-figure deal before, take a moment and imagine what it would feel like. What would be the thoughts running through your head?

Who would be the first person you’d tell? How would you celebrate? And what would it feel like if that were just your average Tuesday?Now, keeping with that vision, what do you think it took for you to close that deal?A long, detailed, perfectly designed sales page?A sales video or (worse) a series of sales videos?Tons of free content and lead magnets to showcase your worth?

How surprised would you be to find out that you don’t need any of it?There are so many misconceptions about what it actually takes to close a six or seven-figure deal.While these tactics will help you build your personal brand online and grow your email list, these aren’t the things that will close six and seven-figure deals.

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