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18 Behaviors Bullies Display Before Revealing Their Intentions

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hurt the people around them. The situation is detrimental to your well-being, from physical harm to emotional abuse.Some of the types of bullies to watch out for include the following:Watch for these signs if you think someone might have cruel intentions.This type of person works to avoid confrontation, resorting to indirect cruelty.

They might do things like pout, gossip, or procrastinate when they know you’re waiting on them. These behaviors are their subtle ways of inflicting harm on those around them.Many adult bullies give the silent treatment to get back at you.

Rather than talk about things that bother them, they lead you to figure it out while they pretend you don’t exist. They’ll continue ignoring you until you give them what they want or say you were wrong.A bully wants everything to go their way, and they won’t settle for anything less.

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