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15 Ways to Deal With a Dishonest Partner and Save the Relationship (If you want to!)

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ADVERTISEMENT While calling them out on each lie may seem a big deal, you mustn’t let it slide. When you allow someone to be untruthful with you and don’t stand up for yourself, you’re sending the message that it’s okay.Each time they lie to you and you don’t confront them, they will think they’ve got away with it.

They will continue this pattern until they have a reason to stop. ADVERTISEMENT Are the lies towards you, or are they towards other things?

For instance, are they lying to avoid getting into trouble, or are they lying to hide infidelities against you? Each lie has a cost, and some have higher values than others.Are these lies directly affecting you, or are you just an innocent bystander?

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How many of us have ever wanted to become the most valuable person in our profession and/or professional position?As I continue to improve and become a more efficient leader within the automotive industry and sales profession; as a whole, I’ve been fortunate to learn from the best in the business.  This concept of being the most valuable person is centered around becoming a master communicator, one that I train on with my professional and personal mentor, Andy Elliott, who coaches me to this very day.I utilize these five things every day in my professional roles in automotive sales with our customers, staff, and community members as well as being diligent to apply them in my personal life with family, friends, and anyone I say hello to.  I believe that if you take these five things serious; and want to become masterful at communicating, you can become the most valuable person to anyone and everyone that you come into contact with.  This is an area that everyone should want to master and it will create an immediate impact.  Think about it.  Every verbal interaction with another individual is  part of the definition of public speaking, or the “act of speaking face to face to a live audience.” Have you ever said, “Let me rephrase that”, or “Does that make sense”?  When we say either one of those statements, I believe,  it’s because there is a lack of confidence that what we are saying to someone is being understood by the other person/persons.  Do you view yourself as a public speaker?  Do you view what you do as part of a public speaking role?  If you are serious about mastering your communication skills then you have to accept the fact that you are a public speaker first and foremost.  After accepting this, it’s time to