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15 Ways to Change Your Life for the Better

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learning experience, and when you embrace it as such, it will change your view on things.Your body runs on a time clock known as the circadian rhythm.

In past generations, people used the sun to gauge their sleep/wake cycles. When the sun came up, they got up. When the sun went down, they went to bed.These days, people work weird shifts and stay up all night.

It throws your body’s internal clock off. Have you had a clock that the battery was getting low and started losing time? Your body is like this broken clock, which can’t keep up when things are off.According to the National Library of Medicine, behaviorists have found when the internal clock is out of sync, it can cause issues like:•Poor eating habits•Chronic digestive issues•Shifts in body temperatureIf you want to change your life, learn to put down your devices for a bit each day.

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