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14 Quotes That Reassure You…It’s OK to Be a Hot Mess

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embracing your imperfections will lead you to others who are true to themselves, too. You can find people who have imperfect lives with dirty laundry and dishes or toys strewn around.These are the people you can be yourself, sharing laughter, tears, and stories along the way.

When you offer your true self to others, it allows them to be honest in return. You’ll form deeper relationships and influence others positively as you find the people who best fit into your life.If you cry easily or often feel like you fall apart when issues occur, it’s okay.

These characteristics show how caring you are and can produce the same effect on others. Show other people the real you, even if it’s a hot mess, so that the world can see what humanity looks like.Life wouldn’t be exciting if everything was perfect and went the way you wanted it to go.

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