14 People Finds Strange Things On The Public Transport!

viaIs it the phone or something else?viaNailed it!AdvertismentviaYes, Love can be toxic.viaThe woman may not forget the tattoo maker.viaIs it a coincidence or they hail from the same family.AdvertismentviaI have seen such cords in the market place but have not seen anyone using it.AdvertismentviaIt takes courage to pull off this look in public.AdvertismentviaWhy that lady is letting the chicken cross the road!viaSeveral shades of grey.viaOr maybe he’s just too old and doesn’t give a f*ck!viaBut how to flush it?

Collect and dump it when you reach home?viaWhen you don’t have a ticket but want to travel for free.viaI’m tired of influencers capturing food pictures everywhere..

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