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12 Tips to Find Common Ground With People Who Disagree With You

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communication breakdown. Have you ever played the old game called Telephone? A group of people sits in a circle. One person whispers something into the first person’s ear, continuing to pass the saying around the group.By the time the sentence gets to the last person, it’s completely different than what the first person stated.

This exercise is a technique that’s often used in team-building to show how effortless it is to get things misconstrued. A breakdown in communication or gossip can be the most significant cause of arguments.Since you know there will be disagreements in your life, you need to develop strategies to handle them.

Have you ever heard of a mediator? These professionals spend their days as a go-between for people who can’t agree. These folks are often used instead of going to court, as they have a knack for problem-solving.

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