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12 Of The Craziest Bribes Parents Had To Make To Get Their Kids To Do Things

Ideally, we could never raise our voices, never need to rehash a guideline, and our kids would listen mindfully. In any case, what fun would that be?

Call it “motivator,” call it “inspiration,” however in all actuality, there comes a period when a parent must surrender the act of flawless child rearing and haul out a fresh $20 to complete some yard work.via“Picture this: Beautiful setting, matching outfits, begging [my] 6-year-old to just smile once for the picture and she’s only making faces.

Finally I screamed. ‘I’ll pay you!’ Click. It really is a great picture.” — Amy W.viaAdvertisment“I once told my kid that I’d quit smoking if he got three home runs in one baseball season.

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