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11 Affirmations for People Who Feel Anxious When They Call Out of Work

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Raise your hand if you feel as if you should call out more for health, but you don’t because you feel guilty and anxious due to living in a capitalistic society where you’re only as good as the work you produce that day, and if you don’t produce work you ultimately feel like a horrible person.

Anyone else raising their hand? I know for a fact that I need to call out for my health more than I do (yes, I do see the hypocrisy), but due to years of working in massive corporations where I was nothing more than a number on an ID, where co-workers and managers would actively be angry if we did call out… you could say that I haven’t exactly been conditioned to prioritize myself first in any scenario, especially health-related ones.

To think they really wondered why I was so burnt out. Hmph. Anyways, I’ll keep it a buck – sometimes I do feel as if we need to push through bad days, as much as I hate it.

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