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109 Broken Trust Quotes to Help You Deal with It and Move On

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And if you want even more helpful inspiration then check out this post with quotes on handling liars and this one with plenty of toxic family quotes.“I would rather my enemy's sword pierce my heart then my friend's dagger stab me in the back.” – Michele Bardsley“That's the thing about trust.

It's like broken glass. You can put it back together, but the cracks are always visible–like scars that never fully heal.” – Hope Collier“Trust is a funny thing; it takes such a long time to build, yet it's broken in a second.” – Sandie Jones“Trust is like that.

You can break it for a good reason. But it still remains broken.” – Harlan Coben“Sometimes trusting a friend is the hardest thing to do, even the closest friends can become enemies.” – James Merrow“Trust can be broken in just a few seconds, but it takes years to heal.” – Rei Anthony Albon“It was a mistake,” you said.

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