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10 Ways to Deal With Being a Perfectionist

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To understand how to manage perfectionism, you first need to know what drives it. Usually, we wind up as a perfectionist when this behavior is modeled regularly by our parents or loved ones; when they consistently push us to be perfect.

It’s important to recognize that, in most cases, they wanted us to do well because they love us. Most likely, they had no idea that trying to shape us into flawless beings could possibly do us any harm. How to deal with being a perfectionist Here are some steps to take to recognize and deal with being a perfectionist: 1.) Observe this tendency in yourself. Carefully observe your behavior.

You’ll need to do this for a while in various situations to get a full picture of the extent of your perfectionism. Check your conduct at work, at home, with your children, or in any setting where you think you might be setting too high standards. If you pay close attention, you’ll note an inner sense that you need to keep doing something to get it right.

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