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10 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Quit Vaping

regular cigarettes, pipes, cigars or USB sticks, or other normal-looking items like coke cans, a game boy, or a perfume bottle.Some of these ingredients are only meant to be eaten but not inhaled.

Plus, when you heat these ingredients, there is a chemical reaction that isn’t healthy for you to breathe. Basically, you’re exposing your lungs to chemicals instead of air every day, every week, and every month throughout the year.Besides these chemicals, one hazardous ingredient found in some e-cigarettes, Vitamin E acetate, has caused many lung problems.

Vitamin E acetate is a form of Vitamin E. used in vaping products as a thickener. It’s usually present in cigarettes that have THC, a psychoactive, mood-altering ingredient found in marijuana.

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