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10 No-Hassle Steps I’m Taking Today for a Better Tomorrow

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affirmations to myself in the mirror) or I’m feeling anxious and low on motivation while simultaneously avoiding human contact and responsibilities because I just can’t—there’s no in between.

So if there are any sort of wellness tips I gravitate to in life, they’re the ones that are realistic, no-hassle, and attainable which proves to be especially important on those days where I’m feeling like I’m in a little bit of a slump.In an effort to find balance and consistency between who I am when I’m super high energy and who I am on days where I’m simply not feeling it, I’ve built up quite the repertoire of go-to wellness tips that I turn to to stay loving myself, even if I’m not up to moving mountains. Tried and true, here are 10 no-hassle steps I’m taking today to feel better by tomorrow:  If there’s one sure way that I know I can get myself out of a funk, it’s doing a grocery run to fill my fridge with plenty of nutrient-dense foods.

Time and time again, I’ve fallen into the “I’ll just get fast food delivered” pit which, while initially indulgent, nine times out of 10 leaves me feeling sluggish and super guilty about the fact that I just dropped $30 instead of making something that would make me feel better.

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