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10 Heartwarming Ways to Help Someone Beat Depression

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severely depressed. ADVERTISEMENT Now, you must understand that there are two different root causes of depression. According to a study conducted by Stanford Medical, about fifty percent of depression cases are genetics, which means the other fifty percent arise from adverse circumstances.If your friend or loved one is suffering because of a divorce, job loss, family struggles, or other situations in life, you can help them change the habits that trigger the depression.

Here are some ways to help people kick depression to the curb and take control of their life.The worst thing you can say to someone down and out is that you know how they feel.

While you may understand what’s going on based on your experiences, you cannot see how this person truly feels. Acknowledging them and what they’re going through is one of the nicest things you can do.People want to feel like someone understands, and they don’t need anyone to minimize their issues or act like it’s not that bad.

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