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10 Hacks for Conquering Household Chores with ADHD

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From laundry and dishes to meal-planning and grocery shopping, there’s no shortage of household tasks that need to get to done — again and again and again.They are boring, repetitive, and necessary — kryptonite for ADHD brains that light up over novelty, not the same old same old.

Meanwhile, the unfolded laundry, unpaid bills, and empty fridge continue to loom.To transform monotonous household tasks into worthy challenges, ADHD brains need creative hacks.

Here, ADDitude readers share their ADHD-specific solutions for tackling household chores; add yours in the Comments section below.“Every day, I make three lists: Four things I need to get done before bed; four things I’d like to get done; and four things I just need to get off of my mind.”“I moved all my fresh vegetables to the door and middle shelves so I don’t forget and waste them; condiments go in the crisper.

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