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10 Exercises to Heal Back and Neck Pain

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contain bony vertebrae with flexible cartilage discs in between that work as shock absorbers. You also have nerves inside your spinal cord and various ligaments and muscles that support your neck and head.When any of these areas gets injured, it can cause pain.

Acute neck pain often heals on its own and goes away within a couple of weeks, but some conditions require treatment.The average adult head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds when it’s in an upright position.

However, looking down at a device (like your phone) can increase the load your head places on your neck by 60 pounds. It’s often called “text neck” since many feel pressure from looking down at their phones.Some common causes of back and neck pain include:Stretching and doing strengthening exercises to ease pain can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t cause more pain.

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